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Dear BBC viewers! We are not ridiculous, silly, and/or stupid!

2019. október 30. - Önállóan gondolkodó


5 minutes. Of your precious time. Not more. 

That's all I'm asking from you now, and I will definately appreciate all of your your efforts in trying to understand how a "democratic state" works around here, in Hungary. 

First of all, let me emphasize, that we are a small, but proud nation. We are not a country, we are A NATION. To understand the way WE are thinking, this is more or less the first important thing you have to memorize. No country, only nation. You might use the word country for a place where all different kind of people are living together, including losers, poor citizens, older generations, disabled human beings etc. But we are a nation, therefore if you might decide to visit us, you will only meet healthy, young and successful people with a strong belief in our current government. Ok? On the other hand you shall never, but never forget, that we always and only make good decisions. This might be the reason why we've always managed to switch to the "discomfited-side" about 6 to 12  months before the end of any kind of significant international affair or war, ending in -beside many other inconveniences- loosing around 50% of the size of our country nation. 

We are living in a democracy, where the governing party outscored the opposition big time at the parliamentary elections 3 times in a row, gaining a 2/3 majority. All of this was achieved by securing themselves less than 50% of the votes. Now, please, stop for a minute or sleep an hour before coming here, or sending some self-made pseudo-journalists trying to teach us how to properly understand internationally accepted terms and human standards.

We have a strong, well-trained and professional media, which might be centralized a bit, I admit, but beside the fact that (Mr.) Breznev would go down on his knees and beg for the recipe (as we used to say), you clearly have to see that all information we are supplied with is correct, true and well-grounded. Partly because what our governemnt says is true by definition, and partly because it's backed up by a lot of different experts, like 2 or 3, armed with bullet-proof arguments, and, as a bonus, we are able to watch them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our nation is proud to be driven and being connected by a common hobby, which is soccer. In the last 20 years or so we are permanently loosing positions in the international rankings, but this will never, I say NEVER stop us in investing trillions in building stadiums all around our country nation. We do not spend time and money in investing funds trying to help out sectors being absolutely useless for Hungarians like health care, education and culture. We don't need healthy and well educated people, they would just mess up everything and hinder us in reaching our main goal: a goal. I mean, seriously, would you even think about renovating hospitals when all of your citizens are able to pay for private care? And honestly, how much sense does it make to offer a higher level of education to people when the dream job they are asking for requires everything but innovation, thinking, added values, commitment and creative skills? 

We are healthy, both mentally and phisically. Fact. Oh, almost forgot it! Do you need any other or stronger proof for us being by definition smart and talented than Mr. Lőrinc Mészáros itself? Let me help you on this: no. 

This gentleman is a spotless economic super-brain. Ok, he might be our prime minister's best pale, but nobody's perfect, isn't it? However, money-wise he is growing roughly twice as fast as for instance David Zuckerberg, some faceless american fellow who apparently -at least some say- introduced an almost unkown brand to more or less 90% of the entire planet. How could otherwise happen, that the waste majority of all EU funds ends up in the pocket of the aforementioned gentleman? Not Zuckerberg I mean. Well, simple as that: Mr. Mészáros is Mr. Mészáros. That's all he will ever need to be or to do. Started as a brave gas-man, and now number one hottest numero uno wealthier man in our country nation. Within a couple of years. Genious.

So, let me summarize, as I'm running out of time.

First of all: you, British people are coming here to teach us democracy? While you are not even able to agree on the exact and final date of Brexit, beacuse your Parliament is not able to come to a final conlcusion? Too many voices, too many opinions? We wouldn't allow this insane to happen. Our government decides Monday 5 p.m., the Parliament votes and obviously accepts that Tuesday 09.00 a.m., and from Wednesday we can go on with our lives being ruled by some completely new legislations dreamed out by our prime minister during his nap following a healthy sunday lunch. 3 days, This is all we need to change whatever we want. Not more. 

Seriously, you want to tell us what to do? How to think? What to communicate to our citizens? You also know, that there is only 1 truth, and this is the one you hear the most. We, Hungarians, we are able to hear and see that every day from our news agency, and believe me, they know what to say and how to say it. Simply. I mean, in a simple way. This is what we need. Complicated terms and sentences do nothing but harm, they confuse us, and we don't like confusion. 

We need things to be told. For us. Instead of us. We are used to this and we are fine with that.

Oh, and one more thing: why are you trying to influence our decisions in respect of international relations, or maybe I should say, friends. We love Russia. Nice, big country, with impeccable drivers and an amazing attitude for work. Our prime minister was able to overcome these and other smaller issues like Ukraine, 40 years of communism etc., and became close pales with Mr Putin. What's wrong with this? Everybody grows up, so did Mr Orban, so despite the fact that a few years ago he misunderstood Russia as such, and said some things which nobody would be proud of, by today he has overcome his own limits and opened the doors to a new era. What he is representing today IS the right path, the way to follow, so we, Hungarians, we're proud to say that we forgive everything. So our leaders. I think this is what we shall call gentleman-like behaviour.

Furthermore, if for some reason it is not clear for you, that we are the "last man standing" religion-wise, let me tell you: we are. We are the last brave men defending Christianity. We spent trillions of our own money (what we receive from others is ours) to put up a fence, twice, in the same place, so today you are not seeing more migrants around. Job done. The Pope is safe. We are safe. The world is safe. A simple "thank you Hungary" would do. By the way, did you know, that Mary Magdalene was also Hungarian? No? Well, she was. Our nation only gave to the World. We've been there when the nuclear bomb was invented, but in order to balance things right, we've invented vitamin C. So, you might remember us while watching documentaries about dead, burned, and radiation infected people in Hiroshima, but never forget to take a higher dosis of Vitamin C when you have a cold!

I hope you see by now, that we are neither silly, nor ridiculous or stupid, even if this is what you say we are. 

I just can't wait we start to function as a nation, and not only as a country....oops. Did I said that too loud? 

Wait.....somebody's knocking on the door... wait ..no ....what? Me? No....Hey! That's...no! Nooooo!



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