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Önállóan Gondolkodó

Önállóan Gondolkodó

The Land of the BRAVE: Hungary

Virus? Recession? ...peanuts

2021. április 14. - Önállóan gondolkodó


Looking for THE real brave men on this planet?

You've found them. It's us, Hungarians. Why? Just some numbers to let you understand why we are THE chosen nation. 

In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hungary decided to spend:

  1. 290 billion Forints on investments being related to sport activities (new stadiums, etc.);
  2. 150 billion Forints - have been given to the Church;
  3.   60 billion Forints for healthcare.

Well done there.

Furthermore, the Hungarian State decided to host a world exhibition, named "One with Nature". In fact, this will be an international fair for hunters. Impeccable name selection, isn't it? The cost? Peanuts! 67 billion Forints. Meaning only some 7 billion MORE than the entire amount spent in 2020 for Healthcare in Hungary. Oh, and just 1 small particular: the entrance gate will be built of 10 tons (!) of deer-antlers, and will be 16 meters high and will have 20 meters of width. Cool.

Still, this is nothing, the best is to come, as in 2019 we've decided to rebuild the railroad between Budapest and Zagreb, for some ridiculous 750 billion Forints, and the methodology of the financing is, I guess, unique: the entire operation will be covered by a loan given by China. Well done there as well! The return of the investment is predicted to be realized in about 200+ years. Great. Well done there indeed!

...and, we didn't stop here! Just now we have decided, to support a bit the erection of a Chinese university in Budapest, by adopting an already "successful" scenario: 100 billion Forints are donated by the Hungarian State, the remaining 450 billion Forints will be covered by a loan coming from China, while Hungary gives the required land for free, and we accept that both the construction company and all workers will come from China.

Read this last paragraph again and please, try to understand it!

Oh, almost forgot it! We have just decided to relocate the Hungarian Ministry of Finance into the Castle on the hills of Buda, for an almost invisible 55 billion Forints.

I guess by now all of you will understand, how brave and good we are.

Who else would be capable to do all this?



photo: portfolio.hu





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